How do I keep track of my budget when gambling on my mobile?

There are a number of ways that you can make sure you stay in the black when you’re playing online casino UK games. Some gaming apps have a section in their lobby menu that lets you see how much money is in your account and how much you can take to the table before you have to restock your chips.

There are also other methods that might be just as good for you. There is always the good old fallback position of using a pen and paper to keep note of your budget. It is worth bearing in mind a couple of simple tips that might help you out when you’re looking for the help you need:

1. Make a decision before you start playing as to how much you intend to spend in that session.
2. Make sure that you stick to that figure.
3. When deciding what to bet, make sure that you always have enough left for five more rounds. If you’re playing fifty pence slots, it is easy to drop down to a lower stake game when you get down to £2.50. This will ensure that you get to play for longer, and also it means that your budget will stretch further. If you find that you make a big win on the ten pence slots, you can always move back up to the fifty pence variety.
4. Don’t spend more than you can afford. It’s easy to think that the next round will be the winner, but more often than not it pays to walk away once you’re out of bank. The game will still be there when you return and you will enjoy the game more knowing that you’re not dipping into money that you don’t have.

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